Fourth International Workshop "Quantum Particles and Fields"

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     Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Science and Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (Dubna, Russia), have organized successive International Workshop on High Energy Physics in Baku, Azerbaijan. The Workshop was supported by the Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP, Trieste) and by the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine). Studies in the domain of elementary particle physics become of increasing importance. When the Large Hadron Collider experiment begins taking data in the year of 2007, particle physics will have finally reached an important frontier with cutting-edge threshold energies and fundamentally new physics will have been discovered. Discussions of theoretical models and other issues involved in understanding the results of the ensuing experiments was particularly timely. The Advanced Research Workshop that we were proposing was a unique forum for such a discussion with physicists who work on both theoretical and experimental aspects of the problem. Theoretical and experimental issues related to the physics of detectors was considered in the light of modern technologies, including those based on physical phenomena at the nanoscale.