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      Transactions, 2000,vol.XX, 5

    M.Aliyev, A.Guliyev Dedicated to the 800-th anniversary of N.Tusi. 3  
    N.A.Abdulkasimova About a work by N.Tusi on optics. 6  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, E.S. Guseinova, M.A. Akperov Components distribution in InSb-InAs solid solutions grown by the Czochralski technique. 11  
    E.A. Jafarova Deep levels of nikel in silicon. 14  
    H.R.Nuriyev, M.I.Abdullayev, S.S.Farzaliyev Structure and electrophysical properties of PbS(1-x)Tex epitaxial films. 23  
    H.R.Nuriev, Kh.D.Jalilova, N.V.Faradjev Photosensitive indium-doped Pb(1-x)SnxSe epitaxial layers. 26  
    Ch.O.Qajar, S.R.Kasimova The measurement of dielectric coefficients of polar liquids by the reflection of microwaves from regulated liquid's layer at the presence transformer of resistance. 29  
    E.G.Efendiyev Determination of structures of new amorphous semiconductors films in Yb-As-Te system by electron diffraction method. 33  
    Yu.G.Asadov, S.S.Hamidova, A.I.Movlamverdiyeva, A.G.Babayev Heat extension and structure transitions in Cu(2-x)Cd0.05Te (x=0,20; 0,25; 0,30) single crystals. 37  
    Sh.M. Abbasov, R.I.Baitsar, Sh.I. Abbasov, Y.P.Krasnojonov Stringed converters on a basis of Ge(1-x)Six monocrystals. 45  
    O.I.Davarashvili, M.N.Enukashvili, N.P.Kekelidze, M.R.Metskhvarishvili, E.V.Stepanov, A.P. Shotov, V.A.Aliyev Radiation power and differential quantum efficiency of semiconductive AIVBV1 -type infrared laser . 49  
    F.F.Aliyev About mechanism of process diffusion in Ag2Te at phase fransitions 55  
    R.M.Ismailov Magnetoelectic effect in crystal BiFeO3 60  
    F.F.Aliyev, G.P.Pashayev, T.F.Yusifova Temperature dependence determination of heat capacity of the crystals Ag2Te in the region of phase transition 63  
    F.K.Aleskerov, Emel Chingi, N.P.Kekelidze, Z.Kvinikadze, V.A.Aliyev,K.SH.Kakhramanov The thermoelements with negative branch on the basic of [Bi2Te3-In2Se3][CdCl2]. 67  
    I.Kh. Mamedov, Ch.O.Qadjar, Kh.I.Mamedov Influence of hydrocarbon matrix on benzyl free radicals nucleus configuration in excitation state 72  
    G.A. Agayeva Conformational aspects of the divalent cation binding by aspartate containing tetrapeptide segment. Theoretical study 77  
    R.J. Kasumova Nonlinear dispersion interferometry of the optical media 83  
    Sh.K.Bayramov, Z.H.Tagiyev, G.H.Hajiyeva Structural kinetics of opened enzymatic reactions in transient phase 86  
    V.A. Maharramov The features of calculation of the optical aberrations, radiant and the dimensional parameters in the infrared telescopic system 92  
    K.I.Alishova Some aspects of evolution of the central stars of planetary nebulas 101  
    M.B.Babaev, M.S. Hajiyev Photographic, electrophotometric and spectral observations of novae at Shemakha astrophysical observatory 111  
    M.B.Babayev Spectrophotometric researches of eclipsing variable DM Persei 119  
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