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      Transactions, 2001,vol.XXI, 2-5

    N.D.Akhmed-zade, T.G.Mammadov, T.S.Mammadov, F.A.Mikailov, Mir-Hasan Yu.Seyidov Time relaxation of metastable chaotic state in TlInS2. 3  
    B.Sh.Barkhalov, Z.V.Damirova, G.S.Seyidli Photoconductivity in CdxHg(1-x)Te crystals under surface excitation. 8  
    R.K.Mamedov The rectification properties of narrow metal-semiconductor contacts. 13  
    G.B.Ibragimov Electric field dependence of intrasubband interface roughness scattering in a quantum well. 18  
    R.M.Ismailov, O.A.Gumbatov Magnetoelectric effect in nonmagnetic ferroelectrical Pb(Sc(1/2)Nb(1/2))O3, BaTiO3 and BaTiO3+2%Co crystalls. 22  
    I.M.Aliyev Phonon processes in GaSe single crystals. 28  
    T.D.Ibrahimov, R.M.Sardarly, I.Sh.Sadigov, I.I.Aslanov Investigation of TlInS2 crystals by second optical harmonic generation method. 31  
    S. A. Musaev Centrifugal distortion of the trans-form of isopropyl alcohol (octic terms). 38  
    H.A.Hadjiev, S.G.Gadirov, V.G.Mamedov, A.Sh.Khidirov Elektron compass on the base hall transducers of InSb epitaxial layers. 44  
    N.N.Lebedeva, G.M.Eivazova, V.T.Orbukh, V.M.Nagiev The measument of electron drift mobility in bismuth germanate by pulse photoconductivity method. 48  
    R.M.Sardarli, F.Y.Humbatov, A.P.Abdullaev Effect of y - radiation on the superconducting properties ceramical compounds Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-0 system. 53  
    M. M. Asadov, N. A. Rzaeva Diffusion characteristics of systems with cubic structures. 57  
    I.M.Aliyev, R.A.Rahimova Electroreflectance in Ge(1-x)Six solid solutions. 60  
    E.A.Eyvazov, S.M.Atakisiyev, Y.M.Abbasov, S.Sh.Gurbanov The nature of magnetism in Co0,7Cu0,3Cr2S4. 63  
    S.A.Aliev, S.S.Ragimov, V.M.Aliev On the diffusivity of phase transition of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox. 67  
    E.M. Kerimova, S.N. Mustafaeva, L.A.Ismailzade, A.K.Zamanova Roentgenoconductivity and roentgenodosimetric characteristics of Ag(1-x)TlxInSe2 crystals. 72  
    G.P.Pashaev About the hysteresis phenomena in silver telluride under the structural phase transition. 76  
    G. A.Agayeva The spatial structure peculiarities of the fibrinogen-binding peptide anticoagulants. 79  
    N.Z.Ismailov Is the Ae/Be Herbig star HD200775 a binary system. 87  
    N.S. Mamedov Cosmological models with variable A-term. 95  
    N.H. Guliyev On some spectral peculiarities of T Tau about absorbtion lines. 102  
    M.B.Babayev Characteristic changes of braightness curves of nova stars. 107  
    Chronucle. 110  
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