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      Transactions, 2003,vol.XXIII, 2

    G.B.Ibragimov Electron process in AIIIBV confined dimensionality systems. 3  
    T.G. Mammadov, R.A. Suleymanov The anomalies of optical properties and pressure induced phase transitions in layered crystals TlInS2, TlGaSe2 and TlGaS2. 19  
    S.S.Ragimov The influence of the magnetic fields on the thermal conductivity of high-Tc superconducting Bi2Sr2CaCu2O(8+x). 27  
    K.B.Gurbanov Some properties of dielectric materials subjected by electrical discharges effect. 30  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, S.M.Bagirova, G.N.Mamedov Growth of fully uniform Ge-Si mixed single crystals under the feeding of the melt with germanium and silicon rods. 35  
    V.A.Tanriverdiyev, V.S.Tagiyev, S.M.Seyid- Rzayeva To the theory of surface and bulk spin excitations of ferromagnetic semiconductors superlattice. 39  
    S. N. Namazov Fatigue strength of sintered steel distaloy AE with boron and carbonyl iron powder additions. 46  
    R.G. Huseynov, S. N. Namazov, M. Ch. Huseynov, T. G. Jabbarov The antifrictions powder composition materials on the basis of the iron. 54  
    O.A.Samedov Ferroelectric properties of TlInS2. 60  
    R.R.Huseynov Theory of resonance shape of EPR on impurity ions. 65  
    Kh.A.Mustafayev, B.I.Mehdiyev, F.T.Khalil-Zade Susy particles production on polarized high energy ge-beams. 70  
    Sh.O.Eminov, A.A.Radjabli, T.I.Ibragimov, A.A.Dadashåv Joint investigation of volt-ampere characteristics and longitudinal photoconductivity in epitaxial p+-p structures of InSb. 76  
    N.Z.Gasanov, E.M.Kerimova, A.I.Gasanov, P.M.Iskenderova Features of optical properties of solid solutions TlGa(1-x)CoxS2 single crystals. 80  
    B.R.Gadzhiev, F.B.Godzhaev A theory of phase transitions in impurity manganites. 83  
    Yu.G.Asadov, F.Yu.Asadov, A.G.Babayev Influence of cation deficiency on structures and temperature areas of existence of modification in crystals Cu(2-X)Òå (X=0.00, 0.05, 0.10, 0.15, 0.20, 0.25). 87  
    I.M.Efendiyeva The role series resitivity and tunnelling at the shottky diodes. 94  
    S.D.Demukhamedova, Sh.N.Aliev, L.I.Velieva, I.N.Alieva, D.I.Aliev Quantum-chemical calculations of structure of the dinitrosyl non-heme iron complexes with cysteine. 99  
    S.S. Ragimov, S.K. Orujov, Sh.S. Ismayilov, G.G. Huseynov The investigations of kinetics coefficient of tellurids type Cu(1–X)MYFeTe2(M-Ni, Co; X=0; 0,75; Y=0,125). 106  
    Z. F. Agaev, G. D. Abdinova, M. M. Tagiev Thermoelectric power coefficient anisotropy of the extruded samples of Bi85Sb15 solid solution. 111  
    A.A.Aliyev, I.S.Hasanov, N.J.Ismailov, S.M.Kuliyev The influence of the irradiation by Ar+ IONS on the CdxHg(1-X)Te photoconductivity at room temperature. 117  
    O.Z.Alekperov, R.S.Madatov, A.I.Nadjafov, N.M.Zeynalov Ultra violet solar radiation research with semiconductive detectors. 120  
    M.M.Bashirov, Y.M.Naziev Thermal conductivity of methanol and one atomic alcohols mixtures at different temperatures. 124  
    A.B. Medjidov, P.M.Muradov. S.I. Mehdiyeva, I.M.Aliyev The capacitance characteristics of Ni-GeO-GaSe structures under illumination. 128  
    G.Karchava, I.Mzhavandze, N.Guskos, N.Kekelidze, G.Tsintsadze, V.A. Aliyev The effect of the irradiation by the small doses of the fast neutrons on the critical temperature and EPR spectra of the YBa2Cu3O(7-d) high temperature superconductors. 135  
    M.G. Kyazumov, G.G. Guseinov, E.A. Isaeva, F.G. Magerramova, G.S.Mekhtiev The influence of Cu, Sn and Se atoms on Ga0,5In1,5S3 crystalic structure at partial replacement of Ga, In and S atoms. 139  
    I.J.Islamov Calculation of maqnetic field of mikrowave rectanqular wavequide with air full fillinq functioning on frequencies 4,9-7,05GHz. 142  
    M.B.Babayev, A.M.Babayeva Formation, shape and the dynamics of envelopes of typical novae. 151  
    N.Z.Ismailov, S.G.Aliev, A.B.Askerov, S.K.Zeynalov The variability of peculiar elements lines in the spectrum of x PSC. I. lines CrII. 156  
    Ahundov Gudryat Ali oglu . 162  
    Famous scientist and teacher Hilal Mukhtarov. 164  
    Chronicle. 165  
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