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      Transactions, 2003,vol.XXIII, 5(II)

    Ch.O.Kadjar, R.M.Kasimov, M.I.Veliyev, S.R.Kasimova Determination of dipole momentum and relaxation time of molecular associates of benzole. 3  
    E.R.Hasanov Transversal and longitudinal thermomagnetic waves in cubical crystals. 6  
    N.N.Lebedeva, G.M. Eivazova, V.I.Orbukh Photoactive illumination effect on the change of resistivity induced by the external field in highly polarized materials (strontium titanate as an example). 10  
    T.D.Ibragimov The selection rules for two-phonon optical transitions in TlInS2 crystals. 16  
    N.N.Mustafayeva, I.N.Alieva, D.I.Aliev Conformations of the active segment of the regulatory domain of the tyrosine hydroxylase. 21  
    K.Z. Nuriyev Calculation of the ion transducer of space dust. 28  
    A.A.Garibov, N.I.Guseinov, R.S.Madatov Measurement of the flat bands potential of semiconductor electrode into the electrolytic solution. 35  
    Yu.G.Asadov, M.F.Aliyeva Superstructure textured TlInS2 films. 38  
    S. N. Namazov Structural researches powder steel on the basis Distaloy AE. 41  
    N. N.Gadzhieva, L.A.Gardashova, M.Z.Velijanova Application of fuzzy method in the spectrophotometrical research of biological object. 46  
    M.M.Bashirov, Y.M.Naziev Isobaric heat capacity of mutual solutions of methyl and n-dodecyl alcohols at different temperatures and pressures. 51  
    M.G.Kyazumov, I.R.Amiraslanov, Yu.G.Asadov Electron diffraction investigation of Ga1,3In3,4S7 crystal structure. 56  
    E.M.Aleskerov, A.A.Mamedov Characteristics of metal-semiconductor contacts in superhigh frequency devices with consideration of nonlinear effects. 62  
    Sh.Q.Askerov, M.N.Agaev, M.Q.Hasanov, V.A.Orujov, N.A.Huseynov Solar cell on the basis of p-n junction from p-Si with metallization from amorphous metal alloy Al80Ni20. 66  
    R.K.Mamedov Particularities of thermoelectron emission on contact peripheries of diode Schottky. 69  
    M.M.Panahov, A.A.Agasiev, J.H.Jabbarov, M.Z.Mammadov The temperature coefficient of resistivity of the gold films. 76  
    T.I.Nizamov Particularities of designing the sonar antenna for sea monitoring. 80  
    R.J.Kasumova, G.A.Safarova Coherent polariton scattering. 88/td>  
    Sh. M.Abbassov On the compensation of conductivity by radiation defects in the Ge(1-X)SiX. 126  
    N.Z.Ismailov Analysis of long-term spectral and photometric observations of DI CEP. 96  
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