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      Transactions, 2004,vol.XXIV, 2

    V.P.Aliyev, S.S.Babaev, T.G.Mamedov, MľH.Yu.Seidov, R.A.Suleymanov, F.A.Mikailov Temperature slope of phase transitions in ferroelectrics-semiconductors TlInS2 and TlGaSe2 as a result of izotermic endurance in incommensurate phase. 3  
    Rasim A.Ali-zade New method of construction of histogram distribution magnetite nanoparticles on size. 15  
    M.I.Aliev, G.B.Ibragimov Interband absorption of light in semiconductors with superlattices in crossed electrical and magnetic fields. 23  
    B.I.Mehtiyev, Kh.A.Mustafayev, F.T.Khalil-zade SUSY ľ particles and leptoquarks production on the collding beams of high energy. 27  
    M.N.Abdullaev Impurity states in triangular (row model) two-dimensional antiferromagnetics. 32  
    H.Ahmadov Entropy of states and nuclear temperature for large deformed heavy nuclei. 39  
    A.M. Pashayev, A.R. Hasanov, C.Q. Jafarov Synthesis the waveguide slot lattice antenna with the optimum diagram of an orientation. 44  
    I.J. Islamov Numerical simulation and experimental investigation of rectaugular waveguide electrical field taking into account nonlinear means. 48  
    S.S.Ragimov The influence of additional phases on the conductivity of medium. 58  
    S.K.Orudjov, G.G.Guseinov, A.I.Djabbarov, A.I.Nadjafov, M.M.Akhmedov Magnetic properties of Cu 1.22Fe 1.1Te2. 69  
    A.I.Najafov, O.Z.Alekperov, G.G.Guseynov Existence of the orthorombic modification of TlInS2 crystals in the phase diagram composition- pressure-temperature and itĺs growth method. 73  
    A.M.Hashimov, K.B.Gurbanov, M.A.Hasanov, I.H.Zakiyeva New electrophysical methods at processes of purification of industrial waste. 81  
    A.A.Aliyev, N.J.Ismaylov, S.M.Kuliyev, E.A.Mamedova Influence of the deep levels on the metal-CdxHg(1-x)Te structures C-V characteristics. 84  
    M.K.Kerimov, A.└.Qaribov, M.A.Kurbanov, I.A.Farajzade, ┼.└.╩erimov, R.B.Ibragimov Influence of crystallization of polymer-semiconductor composites under the action of the discharge radiation and temperature on their piezoresistive properties. 87  
    O.I.Davarashvili, M.I.Enukashvili, N.P.Kekelidze, G.SH.Darsavelidze, L.L.Gabrichidze, T.S.Mamedov, L.N.Tecer Inelastic processes in BaF2 crystals. 93  
    O.A.Samedov Dielectric dispersion, polarization and induced by electric field phase transition in TlInS2. 96  
    A.G.Kyazym-zade, E.T.Mursalov, V.M.Salmanov Longitudinal photoconductivity in InSe - GaS§Se1-x heterojunctions. 102  
    S.Q.Rzayev, Z.M.Zakhrabekova The Frenkel-Pul effect on the charged edge dislocation in Si. 106  
    A.B.Mejidov, R.M.Muradov, H.KH.Khalilova, T.R.Mekhtiyev Synthesis and properties of ZnSnAs2. 110  
    T.H.Huseynov Influence of different ways of the metastable levels decay on the dynamical resistance of the arc discharge at medium pressures. 116  
    R.A.Poluektov, B.M.Azizov, F.A. Mirzoyev Use of the SHF-radiometric remote measurements of humidity of soils for forecasting crop capacity of agricultural cultures. 123  
    A.A.Agasiev, M.Z. Mamedov, H.I.Aslanova, T.Sh.Abdullayev Electrical properties of polycristalline films of Bi4Ti3O12. 127  
    K.D.Huseynov, E.G.Kerimov Thermophysical properties of the diethyl sebacate. 132  
    G.A.Agaeva Comparative structural study of the secretin, glucagon and vasoactive intestinal peptide from CD spectroscopy and theoretical conformational analysis. 137  
    N.A.Isakova, I.N.Alieva, N.M.Godjaev Conformational states of the neuromedin NmU-8 analogs mono-substituted with glycine. 150  
    V.I.Ismailov, F.A.Mamedov Philosophi˝al essence of the principle of conformity and the idea of heredity in physics. 155  
    M.B.Kerimbekov, Ch.A.Efendiev Use of television systems in astrophysical investigations. Part I. 164  
    Chronicle. 176  
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