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      Transactions, 2004,vol.XXIV, 5

    Academician Maksud Isfandiyar ogly Aliyev. 5  
    R.N.Rahimov The Transport Phenomena In (2InSb)(1-X)(In2GeTe)X Solid Solution. 10  
    F.M.Hashimzade, A.M.Babayev Rashba splitting in Kane type quantum disk. 19  
    B.M.Askerov, S.R.Figarova, M.M.Mahmudov Quantum theory of thermodynamic properties of solids state. 27  
    F.M.Hashimzade, A.M.Babyev Two-dimensional Kanes oscillator in the magnetic field. 34  
    G.Kh.Azhdarov, K.N.Mamedov, K.M.Mustafaeva, V.K.Kazimova Compositional variation in Ge-Si single crystals grown by Czochralski method using Ge-seed and continuous feeding of the melt with Ge and Si rods. 38  
    T.G. Ismailov, B.H. Mehdiyev Electro- and magneto-optical absorption in quantum wire. 43  
    R.N. Rahimov, I.X.Mammadov Investigation of strain gauges on the basis of (InSb)(1-x)(In2GeTe)x solid solutions. 51  
    R.M.Sardarli, O.A.Samedov, I.Sh.Sadigov, F.T.Salmanov, A.M.Aleskerov Relaxor Properties And Conductivity Mechanism On g-Irradiated TlIns2 Crystals. 55  
    M.I.Aliyev, S.A.Aliyev, Z.S.Hsnv Electrical and termal properties of gFX2 (=, S, S) near and within of the region of phase transitions. 63  
    M.I.Aliyev. Sh.Sh.Rashidova, M.A.Huseynova, I.M.Aliyev Features of the radiotermoluminescence in InP crystals. 72  
    A.Sh.Abdinov, R.F.Babayeva, R.M.Rzayev, G.Kh.Eyvazova The peculiarities of volt-ampere characteristics in indium selenium monocrystals doped by rare elements. 75  
    S.T.Azizov, M.A.Sadixov, S.R.Gasimova, Ch.O.Qajar, R.M. Gasimov Selection orocedures the thickness of layer and material for the microwave cover. 81  
    Ch.O.Qajar, S.R.Kasimova The frequency characteristics of reflection of electromagnetic radiation of translucenced thermoreceivers in its wave dispersion diapason. 85  
    P.G.Azhdarov, S.M.Bagirova, V.V.Mir-Bagirov Modeling of a compositional profile in InSb-InAs crystals grown by the double feeding of the melt method. 90  
    Z.F.Agayev, G.Z.Bagiyeva, E.A.Allahverdiyev Thermoelectric efficiency of Pb(1-X)MnxTe monocrystals. 94  
    R.B.Baykulov Effect of Zn and Ag atoms on temperature and phase transitions mechanisms in Cu2Te crystals. 98  
    S.N.Mustafaeva Nonactivated hopping conductivity in layer TlInS2 single crystals. 106  
    A.A.Agasiyev, E.M.Magerramov, A.F.Suleymanova Electrical conductivity of films with surface macroscopical unevennesses. 109  
    M.K.Kerimov, M.A.Kurbanov, A.A.Garibov, S.N.Musaeva, I.A.Farajzade Role of polymer matrix in formation of the varistor effect in polymer-semiconductor composite. 113  
    N.N.Gadzhieva, A.N.Rimikhanova, A.A. Garibov IRRAS study of radiation-stimulated adsorption and radiolysis of water on the surface of aluminum. 120  
    M.K.Kerimov, M.A.Kurbanov, F.G.Agaev, S.N.Musaeva, E.A.Kerimov, G.Kh.Gulieva Influence of thermal process in polymer-pyroceramics composites on formation the pyroelectricity. 126  
    T.M.Tatarayev, T.G.Gardashova, Sh.O.Eminov Remote sounding of sea surface by method of specular points. 131  
    Z.K.Nurubeyli On mechanism of output of the secondary ions in emissive mass spectrometring of polymer dielectrics. 138  
    M.B.Muradov, G.M.Eyvazova,N.H.Darvishov,S.E.Bagirova Some optical properties of nanoparticles copper sulphide, formed in volume of a polymeric matrix. 145  
    A.F. Aliyev Spectral research of the mechanism of corrosion aluminium alloys. 150  
    M.B.Kerimbekov, Ch.A.Efendiev The using of television systems in astriphysical investigations. Part II. 155  
    M.M.Babayev Thermopower of non-degenerate semiconductors under conditions of strong electron-phonon mutual drag in high electric field. 163  
    M.B.Babaev, A.M.Babaeva Charakter passage in of Post-Nova stage of The Nova Delpinis. 167  
    R.G.Gardashov, T.G.Gardashova, T.M.Tatarayev Unidentified flying objects as the optical phenomena. 171  
    N.B. Soltanova Physics in Azerbaijan (the end of the IX- beginning of the XX) occurrence of the first centres of science. 180  
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