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      Transactions, 2005,vol.XXV, 2

    F.M.Hashimzade, Kh.A.Hasanov, M.M.Babayev Conductivity of quantum well with parabolic potential in a longitudinal magnetic field. 3  
    B.M.Askerov, S.R.Figarova, M.M.Mahmudov Influence of spin splitting on the electrical conductivity of layered crystals in a longitudinal quantizing field. 16  
    S.S.Babaev, T.G.Mammadov, F.A.Mikailov, Mirhasan Yu. Seyidov, R.A.Suleymanov, G.M.Sharifov Memory effect in ferroelectrics with layer structure TlInS2 and TlGaSe2. 20  
    H.I.Abutalibov, V.Z.Qasimov, A.A.Mamedov Vibrational spectrum of crystal Y2O2S-Er+3. 25  
    M.I.Aliev, ..Guseynova, Sh.Sh.Rashidova, I.M.Aliyev Investigate of centers luminescence in crystals InP irradiated with gamma-quanta. 33  
    S.S.Ragimov, V.M.Aliev, G.H.Huseynov, M.Z.Zarbaliyev, R.I.Selimzade, M.I.Abdullayev The influence of the additional phases on the superconductivity of thick layer bismuth HTSM films. 36  
    F.N.Abdullayev, T.Q.Kerimova, N.A.Abdullayev The features of the mechanizm of carriers in the chained TlInTe2 semiconductor. 41  
    R.N.Rahimov, D.H.Arasly, A.A.Khalilova, M.I.Aliyev Normal phonon-phonon scattering processes in the solid solutions A3B5compounds. 48  
    Yu.G.Asadov, R.B.Baykulov X-ray research of cation doping influence on phase transitions in Cu Ag Se (x=0,0.4, 0.5). 54  
    A.I.Najafov, O.Z.Alekperov X-ray research of monocline-trimetric phase transition in TlInS2 single crystals and generated phases properties. 61  
    R.M. Sardarli, O.A. Samedov, A.I.Najafov, I.Sh.Sadigov E.A.Zeynalova, T.G. Mammadov Relaxor property of TlInS2. 70  
    M.B.Muradov, Y.M.Yolchiyev, N.G.Darvishov, G.M.Eyvazova, G.M.Mirzaliyeva, M.A.Mahmudova Some physical properties of nanoparticles GaSe, formed in volume of glass matrix. 75  
    T.J.Aliyeva, G.J.Abdinova, N.M.Akhundova, J.Z.Akhmedova Electrical properties of structures Pb(1-x)MnxTe-contact alloy- Pb(1-x)MnxTe. 80  
    A.G.Kyazym-Zade, V.V.Dadashova Bipolar coordinate sensitive photoelements on the base of InSeGaSxSe1-x heterojunctions. 83  
    A.Sh.Abdinov, H.M.Mamedov, S.I.Amirova About the preparation uniform films of Cd(1-x)ZnxS(1-y)Sey by an electrochemical deposition. 88  
    A.M.Pashayev, A.R.Hasanov, C.Q.Cafarov Acousto-optical phase shifters for the lattices aerial. 93  
    B.G.Taghiyev, F.Sh.Aydayev Influence of impurities on electrical properties of monocrystals of selenide and sulfide of gallium. 100  
    I.R.Nuriyev, R.M.Sadigov, A.A.Mashninv Photosensitive p-n junctions on the basis of epitaxial films of Pb(1-x)MnxTe. 106  
    G.I.Abutalybov, V.Z.Qasymov, S.A.Lozitskiy, A.A.Mamedov Interpretation of electronic spectra of ion neodymium in crystal lanthanum oxysulfide by using theory of crystal field. 110  
    T.G.Kerimova, R.A.Guliyev Temperature effect on optical absorption edge of CdGa2Se4. 117  
    R.S.Madatov, A.I.Najafov, V.S.Mamedov, M.A.Mamedov Electric properties of compound of TlInS2 with hexagonal modification. 120  
    M.I.Veliyev, R.M.Kasimov, Ch.O.Qajar Dielectric properties and molecular structure of solutions of methylethylketone in n-heptanes. 123  
    N.M.Abdullayev Obtaining and investigation of the material n-type conductivity on the basis of solid solution (Bi23-Bi2S3)(1-)Tb. 130  
    M.B. Asadova The transient radiation of the magnetic moment when the physical properties of the medium is change by flowing in time. 134  
    B.A. Najafov Electron paramagnetic resonance and IR absorption spectras investigation of amorphous a-Si(1-x)Gex:H solid solutions films. 139  
    E.J.Zulfugarov, S.A.Aliev Influence of e-radiation to kinetics effects in CdxHg(1-x)Te. 145  
    N.D.Achmed-Zade, T.S.Mammadov, A.A.Ismailov, F.A.Mikailov, M.M.Shirinov Thermodynamic calculation of gas dynamics parameters of semiconductor A2B6 group in quasi- closed volume for single crystals and epitaxial layers growth. 153  
    N.I.Guseinov Surface states distributions of p -type silicon electrode in the electolyte aqueous. 157  
    S.T.Azizov, M.A.Sadigov, S.R.Gasimova, Ch.O.Qajar The method of the automatic control of concentration of a solution of polar substance in the non polar solvent. 161  
    A.A. Ismailov Electrical properties of Pb0.8Sn0.2Te single crystals. 164  
    Q.T.Hasanov, A.N.Mammadova Nonstationary method of fluids thermal capacity determination. 167  
    R.M.Musayev, M.A.Aliyev, R.S.Babayev, H.G.Agamirov Summary on studying the mechanism of formation of empty hydrate cell on the basis of the energetic changes among the molecules. 171  
    M.A.Alijanov, A.N.Guliev, G.I.Safaraliev Obtaining and researching system of LaxGa(1-x)Sb (0 176  
    A.M.Guliev Complex determination of the techno-physical characters of isobutyl ether of lactic acid. 180  
    I.O.Davarashvili, I.R. Lomidze, F.K.Kasumov Formation of the planets and distribution of the impulsive moment in the solar system. 185  
    N.Z. Ismailov, A.A.Aliyeva Analysis of near UV and radiations of T Tauri type stars. 189  
    N.B. Soltanova Development of physics in Azerbaijan. 1935-1945. 194  
    Chronucle. 204  
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