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      Transactions, 2006,vol.XXVI, 2

    R.G. Jafarov Third order expansion equations of mean-field in Nambu Iona-Lasinio model. 3  
    A.A.Mamedov The excitation of ions Nd3+ in semiconductors matrixes in optical pumping zone-zone. 9  
    I.S.Gasanov, I.I.Gurbanov Capillary instability and emission of nanodroplets in edge ion source. 15  
    S.D.Alekperov Scanning probe microscopy of the nonconductivity complex topography surfaces. 21  
    Z.M. Zeynalov, M.A. Akperov, G.Kh. Azhdarov Mathematical modeling of Sb-impurity distribution in Ge-Si crystals grown by the Czochralski method. 29  
    F.N.Abdullatv, T.G.Kerimova, I.A.Mamedova, R.A.Suleymanov, N.A.Abdullaev The temperature dependence of band gap of semiconductors. 33  
    S.N. Mustafaeva, A.A. Ismailov Long-time relaxation of current in TlGaS2 single crystal. 40  
    M.A.Kurbanov, M.K.Kerimov, S.N.Musaeva, F.G.Agaev, E.A.Kerimov,G.X.Gulieva On features of formation of the piezoelectric effect in polymer-piezoceramic composites. 44  
    Z.M.Zeynalov, A.I.Alekperov, G.Kh.Azhdarov Bridgman growth of GeSi mixed single crystals using a silicon seed crystal. 51  
    T.J.Aliyeva, G.J.Abdinova, N.M.Akhundova Influence of the thermal annealing on electrical parametersof the structures on Pb1-xMnxTe. 55  
    A.I.Nadjafov Influence of gamma-irradiation on relaxor properties of bor doped TlInS2 crystals. 58  
    G.I.Abutalybov, A.A.Mamedov Investigation of processes of transfer of energy in crystal g-La2S3-Nd3+ and La2O2S-Nd3+. 62  
    A.I.Isayev, S.I.Mehtiyeva, N.Z.Jalilov, R.I.Alekperov, V.Z.Zeynalov Optical properties of SeAs including rare earth impurity atoms of samarium (Sm) of chalcogenide vitreous semiconductor. 72  
    S.S.Ragimov, S.A.Aliev, V.M.Aliev, R.I.Selimzade Spesific resistivity and additional conductivity of superconducting YBa2Cu3OX and Bi2Sb2CaCu2OX films. 79  
    S.R.Kasimova The conditions of the translucence of absorbing substrate at incidence under the angle of cross-polarized electromagnetic wave. 83  
    Z.F. Agayev Thermoelectric properties of extruded samples of Pb1-xn solid solutions. 88  
    A.Sh.Abdinov, M.A.Jafarov, S.A.Mamedova Relaxation of photoconductivity in films CdSe1-xTex chemically deposited from solution. 95  
    S.A.Aliyev, I.Kh.Mamedov, B.A.Tahirov Holl factor of free charge carries in n-Bi0.88Sb0.12 doped by Te atoms. 99  
    A.B.Mejidov, R.M.Muradov, H.Kh.Khalilova, O.B.Tagiev Process of accumulation of charges in multilayer structures based on GaSe and GeO photoelectrete. 104  
    A.A.Aqasiev, M.M.Panakhov, Ch.G.Ahundov, M.Z.Mamedov, V.J.Mamedova Obtaining of SrTiO3 films by the method of magnetron sputtering from liquid phase. 110  
    I.M.Afandieva, L.K.Abdullaeva, V.Kh.Sharbatov, S.Altundal Fluctuations of (Al-TiW+PtSi)-nSi diodes potential. 115  
    E. Sh.Alekperov Investigation of nanothick solid solutions of TlIn1-xSnxS2 and TlGa1-xGexSe2. 119  
    N.M. Abdullayev Anodic dissolution of the alloy of Bi22,4Se0,6 in sulphatic electrolit. 123  
    Javid T. Safarov Vapor pressure of the (lithium bromide + lithium chloride + methanol) system. 126  
    J.Z.Niftaliyeva, N.B.Mustafayev, G.Z.Bagiyeva. Z.F.Agayev, J.Sh.Abdinov Termoelectrical properties of PbTe singl crystals with excess tellurium. 131  
    A.A. Agasiev, M.M.Panakhov, M.Z. Mammadov, S.N. Sarmasov Conductance of semiconductive films on the seqnetoelectric substrates. 137  
    M.I.Valiyev, Ch.O.Qajar, R.M.Kasimov Dielectric radiospectroscopy of solutions of methyl hexyl ketone in n-heptanes. 140  
    N.M.Akhundova, T. D.Aliyeva, G. J.Abdinova, Z.F.Agayev Thermoelectrical moduls for fotoelectronics and physical experiment. 146  
    G.J.Abdinova, M.M.Tagiyev Gradiental extrusion materials and thermoelements on their basis. 148  
    Kh.I.Abdullayeva About nature of surface radiation defects in B2O3. 151  
    R.M.Sardarly, O.A.Samedov, I.S.Sadigov, E.A.Zejnalova, A.P.Abdullaev Influence of intercalation on TlInS2 crystals relaxor properties. 154  
    R.M.Musayev, A.N.Bagirov, A.A.Aliyev, X.G.Agamirov To the problem hydrate formations of gases from their aqueous solutions. 158  
    F.M.Mustafayev Investigation of non-stoichiometrical semiconductors compositions CuBVI(BVI-S,Se,Te) by the culnometrik titration method. 163  
    K.Z.Nuriyev Model of the converter of physical dynamic parameters of the micrometeoric bodies. 167  
    A.A.Ismailov Volt-ampere characteristics monocrystalls of CuGaTe2. 174  
    F. I. Ismailov Distribution of the brightness of atmospheric background pollution aeroso l layer under city of Baku. 179  
    Y.A.Vidadi, T.G.Safarova, F.V.Aliyeva, M.A.Nizametdinova The study of diamaqnetic response of PVDF YBa2Cu3O7-delta. 185  
    A.I.Mammadov Physicotechnological features of creating the hydroacoustic transmitter-receiving antennas on the basis of piezocompozits. 189  
    A. F. Aliyev Electric physical studies of aluminum alloys corrosionin waters of wide range salt composition. 195  
    E.S.Babayev, A.A.Allahverdiyeva, F.I.Jafarov Influence of extreme solar energetic events and geomagnetic storms on the functional state of the human brain. 209  
    S.Q.Aliyev,S.Q.Zeynalov Study of spot structure in the atmospheres magnetic CP-star 56Ari. 222  
    A.M.Babayeva Photometric observations of hr del in 2000. 229  
    N.Z. Ismayilov, A.A.Aliyeva Observation of simultaneous accretion and outflow in the DI CEP. 232  
    N.Kh. Quliyev, A.Sh. Baloqlanov On the stellar out flow in the stars of T Tau. 237  
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