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      Transactions, 2009,vol.XXIX, 5

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    B.M.Askerov, M.M.Mahmudov, S.R.Figarova Influence of spin splitting on thermodynamic properties of electron gas in a quantizing magnetic field 3  
    S.D.Alekperov Application of the method ôMD-AFMö for research of condensation initial stages of film-adsorbed water on the surface of graphite 10  
    M.I.Aliyev, D.H.Arasly, R.N.Rahimov, A.A.Khalilova, I.Kh.Mammadov Role of the interphaze zone in the thermal conductivity of eutectic compositions of semiconductor-metal type 16  
    Naser M.Fathi, V.D.Novruzov, A.I.Bayramov, Sh.S.Aslanov Low-temperature deposited CdS and CdTe thin films and their solar cell application 20  
    R.M.Sardarli, O.A.Samedov, A.P.Abdullaev, G.R.Safarova, I.I.Aslanov, D.G.Dzhabbarov Cţnductivity of gamma-irradiated crystals TlGaTe2 25  
    M.I.Aliev, H.B.Ibrahimov, H.A.Hasanov Acoustic method for determination of porosity of mesoporous silicon 32  
    N.└.Abdullayev Probe measurment metodics of electroconductivity in anizotropy crystals 40  
    N.A.Abdullayev, S.S.Gahrananov, T.G.Kerimova, K.M.Mustafayeva Orientational dependence of magnetic resistivity in Bi2Te3 doped by Cu and in solid solution (Bi2Te3)0,99(In2Se3)0,01 52  
    Kh.A.Hasanov Electron thermopower in quantum wire 57  
    F.F.Aliev, M.B.Jafarov, A.A.Saddinova, V.I.Eminova Đhanges of electrocal, thermodynamic parameters and of the order parameter in Ag2Te and Ag2Se under the phase transtions 61  
    R.S.Madatov, A.I.Nacafov, V.S.Mammadov, M.A.Mammadov Influence of gamma-radiation on electroconductivity of hexaqonal crystals TlInS2 70  
    T.D.Aliyeva, G.J.Abdinova, N.M.Akhundova, H.R.Nuriyev Electrical properties of contacts of the polycrystalline PbTe samples alloyed by thallium with In-Ag-Au eutectic 76  
    A.A.Aqasiev, M.M.Panahov, Ch.G.Ahundov, M.Z.Mamedov V.J.Mamedova Morphology of islets films SrTiO3 transformation 79  
    A.G.Kyazim-Zade, V.M.Salmanov, A.A.Salmanova, A.M.Aliyeva Photoconductivity of InSe behind of the fundamental absorption at the high levels of the optical excitation 82  
    K.M.Mustafayeva, S.S.Gahrananov, T.G.Kerimova, N.A.Abdullayev Ele˝trical and galvanomagnetic properties of (Bi2Te3)0,95(Bi2Se3)0,05 and (Bi2Te3)0,95(Sb2Te3)0,05 solid solutions 86  
    E.A.Masimov, A.R. Imamaliyev Influence of inorganic salts on agar gel rheological properties 92  
    Sh.M.Nagiyev, G.H.Guliyeva Wigner distribution function for a relativistic linear oscillator in an external field 98  
    F.M.Seidov, E.M.Kerimova, N.Z.Gasanov Interaction of TlSe with SmSe and some physical properties of TlSmSe2 crystals 103  
    G.D.Abdinova, S.Z.Dzhafarova, M.M.Tagiyev Anisotropic thermoelements on the basis of extruded samples of Bi85Sb15 solid solution 108  
    T.Kh.Huseynov Computation of the dynamical characteristics of a discharge in helium in the low frequency range 112  
    Sh.M.Alekperova, └.└.└liyev, Kh.D.Jalilova, I.└.└khmedov, G.S.Gajiyeva Optical properties of the n-Ag4STe behind edge of the fundamental absorption 118  
    M.M.Mirabutalybov Excitation of nuclei by inelastic scattering of high energy electrons 122  
    Sh.M.Abbasov, B.A.Suleymanov, A.C.Mikailova, L.Z.Nadirova Migration of natural radionuclides in soil 129  
    A.N.Mamedova Influence of laser rays on heat capacity of liquids 133  
    R.J.Kasumova, L.S.Gadjieva, G.A.Safarova On ways of increase of conversion efficiency of laser radiation 137  
    D.Masti Calculation of the incohrent inelastic thermal neutron scattering in nuclear reactor 142  
    H.A.Abiev, Sh.A.Topchieva, M.A.Mehrabova Electrophysical properties of snake venom vipera lebetina obtuse 144  
    M.G.Kyazumov, M.G.Kazimov, L.V.Rustamova Electron difraction study of crystal Cu0,5Ga0,25 In1,42 S3 148  
    R.Rzayev, G.M.Ahmedli, I.I.Mustafayev Calculation of kinetics of gaseous radiolysis of binary mixtures heptane-water 180  
    A.I.Mamedov, I.B.Baykulov, R.Z.Mehdiyeva, B.A.Baykulov Computerization of electrophysical measurements and investigations 152  
    O.Z.Alekperov, A.I.Najafov, A.R.Al-Fakix Radiation-stimulated structural transformation monoclinic TlInS2 phase to hexagonal 157  
    M.B.Babayev Observations and researches of the comets in ShAO 163  
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