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      Transactions, 2009,vol.XXIX, 5

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    M.Yu.Seyidov, R.A.Suleymanov, F.Salehli, T.G.Mammadov, R.A.Khamoyev Phase transition temperature dependence on concentration of solid solutions TlInS2(1-x)Se2x 3  
    R.N.Rahimov Role of interphase zone in electron and phonon processes in semiconductor-metal type eutectic compositions 20  
    B.M.Askerov, S.R.Figarova, M.M.Mahmudov Heat capacity of electron gas in semimagnetic semiconductor quantum size film 33  
    F.T.Khalil-Zade, B.I.Mehdiyev, Kh.A.Mustafayev The interactions of the higgs bosons with gauge bosons in supersymmetric SU(2)xU(1)xU'(1)杕odel 33  
    V.A.Tanriverdiyev, V.S.Tagiyev Bulk spin-waves propagation in the direction perpendicular to the (110) plane for an antiferromagnetic superlattice 45  
    S.M.Seyid-Rzayeva Especial properties of optical polarons in semimagnetic semiconductors 49  
    M.A.Musaev Nonlinear-optical properties of the narrow band semiconductors 53  
    T.Sh.Efendiyev, V.M.Katarkevich, Ch.O.Qajar, R.A.Karamaliyev, A.Ch.Izmailov Compact dye laser with a stationary distributed feedback 67  
    N.J.Ismailov, E.K.Guseynov, Sh.M.Guliyev, A.A.Rajabli The controlling of spectral response of Hg1-xCdxTe with inverse surface layer 74  
    E.D.Kurbanov The complex research of characteristics of nanosecond streamer discharge in non-uniform field in presence of dielectric plates in discharge gap 78  
    S.S.Ragimov The influence of superconducting fluctuations on the thermal power and thermal conductivity of Bi2Sr2CaCu2Ox 94  
    R.A.Karamaliyev, A.Ch.Izmailov, Ch.O.Qajar Analytical calculation of the thickness of the absorbing film corresponding to the minimal reflection of the electromagnetic radiation 98  
    M.A.Mehrabova Photoelectric processes in Au-򤯔_based X-ray and gamma-irradiation detectors 103  
    E.R.Hasanov, K.B.Gurbanov Electromagnetic wave energy radiation in conducting medium 108  
    F.K.Aleskerov, S.Sh.Kagramanov, K.Sh.Kagramanov The formation of interlayer nanoparticles in the Sb2Te3 112  
    S.I.体khti邂, N. Abdullayev, N.R.Memmedov, A.M.Kerimova, R.M.Sultanov, V.Z.Zeynalov The structure of films Bi2义3朆i2S3 alloed by terbium and samarium 118  
    P.G.Azhdarov, S.M.Bagirova, Z.A.Agamaliyev, V.V.Mir-Bagirov Modeling of components distribution in InSb-GaSb solid solutions grown by zone melting method 121  
    N.Z.Jalilov, G.M.Damirov Optical parameters amorphous solid solutions of system Se-S 125  
    F.A.Rustamov, M.Z.Mamedov, N.H.Darvishov, S.R.Muradov, Ye.Yu.Bobrova Preparation and photoluminescense in p-type macroporous silicon 132  
    E.M.Kerimova, N.Z.Gasanov, L.A.Ismailzade, A.I.Gasanov, S.F.Bayramov, S.S.Abdinbekov, P.H.Ismailova Photoelectric and optic properties of solid solutions (TlGaS2)1-x(TlInSe2)X single crystals 137  
    O.B.Tagiyev, G.Y.Eyyubov Energy spectra of local levels in gas single crystals, doped Yb, Tm 143  
    Sh.O.Eminov, E.K.Huseynov, A.A.Rajabli, T.I.Ibragimov, E.A.Mamedova, R.I.Mukhtarova Cassete for liquid phase epitaxy in the horizontal reactor 148  
    L.A.Guseynli, Z.M.Zeynalov, Z.A.Agamaliyev, G.Kh.Azhdarov Distribution of Ga impurity in uniform Ge-Si single crystals grown from the feeded melt by czochralsky method 153  
    V.I.Nasirov, A.F.Hazieva, Yu.G.Asadov The polymorphic IV-III-II-I transition in Rb0,95Cs0,05NO3. 157  
    N.N.Lebedeva, V.I.Orbukh, T.Z.Kuliyeva, Ch.A.Sultanov Stationary gas discharge in zeolit pores 162  
    S.S.Ragimov, J.Hasani Barbaran, S.K.Orujov, G.G.Guseinov Roentgenographic study and electrical properties of crystals Cu3Fe0.5Se2 166  
    R.Z.Mehdiyeva, A.I.Mamedov, F.A.Kadimova, S.G.Djabarov The search of the crystallochemical cryterion of high temperature ferroelectric material with the structure of tetragonal tungsten bronze 170  
    A.A.Garibov, H.M.Mahmudov, F.R.Muradov, I.A.Mamedyarova Distribution of radionuclides near active oil fields 174  
    R.Rzayev, G.M.Ahmedli, I.I.Mustafayev Calculation of kinetics of gaseous radiolysis of binary mixtures heptane-water 180  
    I.Q.Aliev Study of TlAs2Se3Te-TlAs2Se4 by physicochemical methods 185  
    P.Y.Nagiyev, M.M.Bakirova, R.M.Abduyeva Compiling of maps of the soil salinization of Mughan-Salyan massive on the basis of space images processing 190  
    M.B.Jafarov Changes of thermodynamic parameters and of the order parameters in AgSe and Ag2S in the phase-transition region 194  
    R.F.Babaeva About the electric fatigue of crystals gallium selenide 202  
    H.S.Nabiyev Definitions of constants of distribution and construction of structure of fields of electromagnetic waves in the round wave guide 206  
    A.M.Magerramov, Y.G.Gadjieva, E.M.Hamidov, M. A.Nuriev Comparative investigation of dielectric properties of composities of crystalline polymers with fillers 211  
    H.R.Nuriyev Features of surface morphology of 򥃀 chalcogenides epitaxial films 217  
    Kh.S.Alieva, Sh.A.Bayramova, T.M.Alieva, M.N.Murshudli, S.S.Suleymanov Dynamics of adsorption of nitrogen dioxide on the surface of the organic film 220  
    S.I.Mekhtiyeva, A.I.Isayev, R.I.Alekperov, N.T.Hasanov Infrared spectrum chalcogenide glass-like semiconductors of systems AsxSe100-x containing impurity rare earth of atoms 224  
    Academician Magsud Isfandiyar-oglu Aliyev 85 230  
    Academician Chingiz Ovez-oglu Qajar 80 234  
    Academician Arif Mirjalal-oglu Pashayev 75 236  
    Academician Arif Mammad-oglu Gashimov 60 238  
    Corresponding member Bahadur Guseyin-oglu Tagiyev -75 240  
    Corresponding member Tayar Jumshud-oglu Jafarov -70 242  
    Chronicle 258  
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