International Conference "Fizika - 2005"
7-9 June 2005, Azerbaijan, Baku

Conference "Physics 2005" is dedicated to the 60-th anniversary of Physics Institute of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. Being established in 1944 on the base of Physics Department of USSR Academy of Sciences, in 1945 Physics Institute was included in Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and since it is one of the leading institutes of our National Academy of Sciences. Among the researchers of Physics Institute are USSR State prize-winners, Academicians, Corresponding Members, Doctors and Candidates of Sciences, such as Academicians: Kh.I.Amirkhanov, G.M.Abdullayev, Ch.M.Dzhuvarli, I.O.Imanov, Corresponding Member Yu.G.Seidov and others. With Physics Institute collaboration of many distinguished scientists from the leading scientific centers of the former USSR, now from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, France, Turkey, Iran is Stillgoing on. Nowadays in Physics Institute 6 Academicians, 2 Corresponding Members of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, 70 Doctors and 212 Candidates of Sciences are engaged. We are very glad to note the changes which are taken place in Physics Institute, how the researchers with enthusiasm solve the most important scientific tasks. Recently by the efforts of research workers of Physics Institute there have been held several International Conferences. I would like to mention Joint Conference TRE-2002 with Iran and Turkey, Conference held in 80 th anniversary of President of Azerbaijan Republic G.A.Aliev, International Conferences held in 85th anniversary of Academician G.M.Abdullayev; International Conference "Quantum particles and fields", International Conference "Spin physics in solid states", International Workshop "Nanostructures and nanotechnologies"; Con-ference held in 80 th anniversary of Academician M.I.Aliev, International Conference TRE-2004 and etc. This Conference is the confirmation of scientific activity of Physics Institute as in fundamental fields as in applied ones. Scientific Conference "Physics-2005" is a great forum of scientists of many countries of the world. 574 authors from 11 countries- Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, France, Japan, USA, Canada, Iran, Turkey and Azerbaijan have presented 250 reports including all 9 sections of the Conference. It should be noted that there have been presented joint reports from 10 countries which indicate to the stable scientific connections between the scientists of these countries. The scope of scientific topics of the Conference confirms that Physics Institute conducts the investigations in wide range of advanced scientific fields: nanotechnology, solid states physics, nuclear physics, power engineering, electrophysics, astrophysics. Presented reports on the problems of advanced technology give finished technical solutions. They are developments on nanostructures, photodetectors, luminescence, composite materials in power engineering, ecology and etc. This Conference being held in Baku is the factor of friendship and collaboration between scientists, development of physics for the solution of the most important practical tasks for better life and prosperity of all people. We hope that Conference "Physics-2005" makes a big contribution to the development of world science and technique. In this connection we would like to express a special gratitude to the Conference sponsors-Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, Physics Institute, OJS "Azenerdzhi" and Research Institute of Power Engineering and Power Design which made a main contribution to the organization and successful carrying out of the Conference. We also thank Organizing Committee of the Conference, all the participants and guests and wish them big successes in the work of the Conference for the further strengthening of the friendship and scientific connections between the scientists from different countries. Let me congratulate once more the team of scientists of Physics Institute with the anniversary and wish them to continue their scientific activity glorifying Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences and Azerbaijan Republic.

Prezident of Azerbaijan NationalAcademy of Sciences.
Academician M.K.Kerimov.