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      Fizika, 1995,vol.I, 3

    R.B. Aslanov, O.K. Qasumov, S.R. Nuriyev, Sh.V. Mamedov Kinetic study of radicals in UV irradiated keratin vool 5  
    M.I. Veliev, S.I. Mekhtieva, N.Z. Dzhalilov, G.K. Akberov The influence of thermal threatment on electric conductivity of selenium at different contents of Na. 11  
    A.I. Mamedov, M.G. Shakhtakhtinskiy, M.A. Kurbanov, S.N. Musaeva Interphase space changes and their related effect 18  
    K.A. Askerov, S.A. Orudzheva, F.K. Isaev The method of testing the photoreceivers (PhR) and photoreceiving devices (PhRI) during the ionizing radiation action. 24  
    R.P. Mekhtiev Pecularity of conductivity of solid solutions in SnSe (In, REE)Se. 31  
    S.A. Gadzhiev, A.N. Mamedov Gauge conditions without ambiguities in nonabelian theory 36  
    Yu.G. Asadov, K.M. Djafarov, A.G. Babaev, F.Yu. Asadov, S.S. Gamidova Structural transformations in Cu(1,70)Zn0,05Te. 41  
    M.B. Babayev On the change with time of the electron temperature (Te) and concentration (ne) in the envelope of the nova HR Delphinus 48  
    D.I. Ismailov, M.F. Alieva, R.M. Sultanov, F.Z. Aliev, R.B. Shafizade Shot-range order in thin amorphous films of Tl-S and Tl-Se systems. 56  
    F.S.Sadykhov, Azad I. Ahmadov Calculation polarization effects in the proton-proton scattering in frame perturbative QCD. 64  
    N.I. Ibragimov, Z.M. Abutalibova, V.G. Agaev Trigonal selen photoreceptors in binder, obtained by reduction of SeO2 by hydrazine. 70  
    R.R. Guseinov The screened potential of the impurity in the semiconductor film. 75  
    S.A. Orudjeva, F.K. Isayev, K.A. Askerov, R.A. Salmanova, A.K. Mamedov, R.Yu. Aliyev Influence of the ionizing radiations onto servicesbility of the gallium telluride photodiodes 80  
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