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      Fizika, 2001,vol.VII, 1

    Ch.O. Qajar, S.R. Kasimova The application of resistance transformer at microwave measurements of dielectric coefficients of weakly absorbing liquids. 3  
    H.R.Nuriyev,Kh.D.Jalilova, N.V.Faradjev, M.I.Abdullayev Photosensitive indium-doped Pb(1-x)SnxSe epitaxial layers. 6  
    E.A. Jafarova The radiation damages in zone melting n-silicon doped by Dy, Er and Ge. 8  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, E.S. Guseinova, S.M. Bagirova Equilibrium compositions of the continuously Si-feeded Ge-Si melt during uniform crystals growth. 12  
    T.M. Ilyasli, F.M. Sadigov, S.A. Kuliyeva Electroconductivity of alloy systems Sm(Yb)-As-S. 15  
    G.Kh. Azhdarov, A. Varilchi, T. Kuchukomeroglu, M. Altunbash, A.I. Kobya Distribution of components Si-Ge crystals grown by zone leveling method. 17  
    A.Z. Badalov, T.F. Yusifova, V.I.Sariev Photoelectrical properties in In2O3-SiO2-Si-M structures after switching. 20  
    Kh.N. Vezirov On the connection between photocathode resistance and reliability of a vacuum photoelectron device. 25  
    L.I. Velieva, I.N. Alieva, D.I. Aliev, N.M. Godjaev Spatial structure of Leu-callatostatin 4 molecule. 29  
    L.M. Valiev, Sh.O. Orudzheva The electrical and magnetic properties of MnCr2Te4. 34  
    Kh.Sh. Abdullayev The analysis of the cross sections of the Li(n, a)T reaction. 36  
    M.I. Abdullayev, H.R. Nuriyev, A.M.Nazarov Investigation of junction area of Pb(1-x)SnxTe/PbTe(1-y)Sey heterostructures. 38  
    T.M. Ilyasli, S.A. Kuliyeva Spectral characteristics of glasses and crystals (solid solutions) of Sm(Yb)-As-S systems. 40  
    S.G. Aliev, N.Z. Ismailov Quick time variations in the spectrum of roAp star g Equ. 42  
    B.Z. Aliyev Gallium implantation to films PbTe. 48  
    Ya.Yu. Guseinov, F.D. Kasimov, V.N. Juplin Magnetooptical transmitters for optical memory on the base of bismuth-containing films. 52  
    E.S. Garayev The structure phase of aqueous two-phase systems of dextran-polyvinyl alcohol. 58  
    S.N. Mustafaeva, N.Z. Gasanov, E.M. Kerimova, P.M. Iskenderova Long-time relaxation of a photocurrent in TlGaSe2 single crystals. 61  
    A.A. Agasiev, N.N. Lebedeva, V.I. Orbukh, G.M. Eivazova, V.M. Nagiev Coherent IR-converter based on GaAs and Bi12SiO20. 64  
    N.M. Tabatabaei, A.M. Gashimov, R.N. Mekhdizadeh, M.A. Gasanov Application of the electrical discharges for superpure monomers reception. 67  
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