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      Fizika, 2005,vol.XI, 4

    E.A. Jafarova Reactive characteristics of barrier structure on base of silicon under illumination. 3  
    I.S. Gasanov, V.A. Orudjev The plasma oscillatorfor ion precipitation of diamond-like films. 6  
    A.F. Aliyev Electrophysical researches of mechanism of corrosion carbonacrous steel in demineralizational water. 9  
    S.T.Azizov, M.A.Sadichov The absorbents of MWF radiation on the base of high dispersion materials. 12  
    A.M.Babayev The exact solutions of Kane equations which have band edge gap potential with ring-shaped non-spherical oscillator potential in external non-uniform electric field. 14  
    F.K. Aleskerov The modern problems of thermo-electric materials science. 19  
    S.A. Abushov, H.B. Ganbarova I.B. Bachtiyarli, O.Sh. Kerimli Photoluminescent properties of glasses in the system La2O3 - Ga2S3 - LnI2O3 (where LnI-Ce, Er). 22  
    E.M. Gojaev, K.J. Gulmamedov, G.S. Jafarova, G.S. Orudzhev, S.S. Osmanova Piezoelectric properties of crystals TlIn1-xLnxSe2 . 25  
    Ch.O.Kadjar, S.A.Musayev, S.B.Kazimova, A.A.Abdullayev, E.Ch.Saidov Rotational constants and components of dipole moments of trans-trans-trans and trans-trans-gosh conformers of butyl spirit. 30  
    N.N. NiftiyeV, F.M. Mamedov, O.B. Tagiyev Thermo-electromotive force and Hall effect in FeGa2S4. 34  
    A.I. Mammadov Piezoresistive effect in the nonordered system polymer-semiconductor. 36  
    M.M. Panahov, S.N. Sarmasov, M.Z. Mamedov Determination of Debye screening length from conductivity of PbTe films. 40  
    A.M. Hasimov, T.K. Nurubeyli, K.Z. Nuruyev The influence of parameters’ deviation on ion-optical character of mass-spectrometer. 43  
    G.I. Abutalibov, A.A. Mamedov Putting out of luminescence of Nd3+ ions in semiconductor glasses. 47  
    F.M. Mustafayev Investigation of the thermodynamics of phase transition of copper halcogenydes. 54  
    S.Sh. Gakhramanov Nanostructural centers in the crystalline layer of the bismuth telluride and their influence on the kinetic properties. 56  
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