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      Fizika, 2006,vol.XII, 4

    F.K. Aleskerov, A.Sh. Kakhramanov Optimization of flat-and-edge radiator system of cool thermobattery cool shuts. 3  
    V.A. Tanriverdiyev, V.S. Tagiyev, S.M. Seyid-Rzayeva Bulk spin-wave regions in a superlattice formed ferro- and antiferromagnetic materials 8  
    R.G. Veliyev The roentgenographic, magnetic and electrical investigations of TlMnS2, TlMnSe2 crystals. 11  
    E.A. Eyvazov, S.Sh. Gurbanov, Y.M. Abbasov, U.S. Pashabekova The concentration magnetic phase transition in Cu[Cr(2-x)Gd(x)]S4 (0.0 15  
    S.K. Abdullayev, A.I. Mukhtarov, S.M. Ragimova The polarization of B-baryon in half-inclusive reactions .... . 17  
    G.I. Abutalibov, D.I. Huseynov, A.A. Mamedov Concentration quenching of luminescence of neodymium ions in La2S3 x 2Ga2S3 glass. 22  
    E.V. Nasirov, V.I. Nasirov, Yu.G. Asadov On crystal growth morphology during IV<-->III transformations in rubidium nitrate. 25  
    A.M. Hashimov, T.R. Mehdiyev, N.R. Babayeva The electric and heat characteristics of frequency-dependent resistor. 28  
    F.K. Aleskerov, S.Sh. Kakhramanov, K.Sh. Kakhramanov, E.M. Derun, M.G. Pishkin Two-dimensional nano-reactors on the base of bismuth and stibium chalcogenides. 33  
    E.Sh. Hajiyev The crystallization kinetics of the YbAs2S4 amorphous films. 41  
    O.Z. Alekperov, T.G. Mamedov, A.I. Nadjafov The optic and photoelectric properties of polytypes of monoclinic TlInS2. 43  
    Y.I. Aliyev, A.G. Babayev, D.I. Ismaylov, Y.G. Asadov, F.G. Magerramova Structural and thermodynamic aspects of polymorphous transformations in Ag2Te . 47  
    S.Sh. Kakhramanov, E.M. Derun, M.G. Pishkin The layered suprastructures on the base of semiconductor systems: Bi2Te3-metal and PbTe(PbS)-NiSb. 54  
    F.B. Imranov On the existence and uniqueness of generalized solution of nonstationary problem of viscous incompressible liquid motion in closed region at the presence of temperature distribution. 61  
    M.A. Agayev, H.S. Seyidli, B.Z. Rzayev, M.H. Huseynaliyev, A.B. Rzayeva The optical properties of solution deposited CuInS2 thin films from powder obtained in aqua medium. 68  
    T.H. Dilbazov, N.Y. Yagubzade Optical system with high resolution for small-sized spectral devices. 71  
    F.I. Ismailov The analysis of informative data of ground remote sensing of urban aerosol layer on the city of Baku. 74  
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