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      Transactions, 2000,vol.XX, 2

    M. I. Aliyev, A. M. Gashimov Academician Ch. M. Djuvarli and his scientific heritage. 3  
    N. A. Abdullayev The peculiarities of acoustic spectra of layer crystals. 7  
    Kh. N. Vezirov, E.N. Ismayilov, A.A. Kazimov On the charging of dielectric films and electron emission. 14  
    Rena J. Kasumova Raman scattering stokes component generation in external cavity. 17  
    H.G. Gasanov Motion of viscous liquid in cylindrical pipe under magnetic field. 22  
    A. G. Kyazym-zade Perculation theory and problem of family conservation. 30  
    T. M. Khalina Electrical conductivity between the co-planar plates of flexible composite electric heater of rectangular cross section. 33  
    Kh. N. Vezirov, E. N. Ismailov, A.A. Kazimov On the electron emission created by magnetic field. 42  
    V. A. Tanriverdiyev, V. S. Tagiyev, M. B. Guseynov Bulk spin-wave regions in an antiferromagnetic superlattice. 45  
    B.A.Tairov On the electron scattering mechanism in semiconductor Bi(1-x)Sbx (x=0,09; 0,15) alloys. 50  
    Sh. Alekperova, N. N. Abdul-zade, I. A. Akhmedov, R. G. Akhmedzade, G. S. Gadjiyeva The optical properties of n-Ag4SSe in an visible and infrared ranges. 54  
    E.N.Zamanova, M. A. Jafarov, S. M. Bagirova, K.Ch. Eyvazova, L. A. Alieva Properties structure on the base of Al-Al2O3-CdS. 59  
    F.Gashimzade, S. Kagramanova, F. Mustafayev, N. Djavadov Critical points of spectrum of the dielectric permeability of thallium-selenium. 62  
    M. Aliyev, R. A. Ragimova Investigation of surface Ge(1-x)Six single crystals by electrorefiectance method 66  
    O.I.Davarashvili, M. I. Enukashvili, N. P. Kekelidze,M. R. Metckhvarishvili, V. P. Zlomanov A. P. Shotov, V. A. Aliyev Phase equilibrium for the liquid-phased epitaxial structure of the PbSeTe - PbSnSeTe. 72  
    C. Sh. Gahramanow, A P, Aliyeva Enterphase interface of PbTe(PbS)-NiSb ephtectic. 77  
    Ch. O. Qajar, S. R. Kasimova The selection of thickness and properties of trarslucence blankets of plane microwave absorbers. 83  
    Rasim A. Ali-zade Morphology of magnetite nanoparticles obtained by chemical precipitation method. 88  
    I.N.Askerzade The influence of carrier density on the critical temperature in layered superconductors. 95  
    L. I. Velieva, I. N. Alieva, N. M. Godjaev, D. I. Aliev Conformational states of compounds of the gallatostatin family. 99  
    I.Kh. Mamedov Dependence of p-xylene free radical methyl group orientation from polycrystalline environment. 106  
    T. G. Safarova Percolatid effects in conductivity and diamagnetic response of polyvinylidenefluoride- superconjuctor YBa2Cu3O7-d composites. 109  
    M. I. Aliyev, Sh. Sh. Rashidova, I.M.Aliyev, M. A. Huseynova Influense of IR radiation on free carrier absorption in In0,05Ga0,95As and GaAs crystals. 113  
    Sh. M. Abbasov, Sh. I. Abbasov, A. I. Klimovskaya, R. I. Baicar, P. I.Ostrovski, Y. P. Krasnojonov The forms of growth of n-type Ge-Si filamentous crystals received by the method of chemical transportreactions. 117  
    G. A. Agayeva Conformational stability of the neurokinins A and B and its analogs. 122  
    F. K, Kasumov, H. I. Novruzova, S. O. Tagieva On the formation of high velocity radio pulsars. 130/td>  
    M. K. Kerimov, B. A. Suleimanov, M. M. Ahmedov Determination of radioactivity and heavy metals in water samples taken from Kura River. 136/td>  
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