2020   01   en   p.21-24 Ramil Aladdin Akbarov,
The study of the photoresponse of the MAPD matrix for scintillation radiation


This paper presents the performance of the detection efficiency of gamma radiation with a detector based on LYSO, YSO (Ce), BGO scintillators and a nine-channel array of micropixel avalanche photodiodes (MAPD) with high pixel density (PD) and photon detection efficiency (PDE). The sensitive area of the detector, consisting of single MAPDs with an active area of 3.7×3.7 mm2 and has a common output for signal output, is 11.5×11.5 mm2. Breakdown voltages were measured for each channel, as a result of which the optimal operating voltage for the entire array was revealed. The linearity range and energy resolution for each crystal were determined by the energy range from 30 to 1770 keV. The high pixel density of the array made it possible to achieve good linearity in the studied energy range, which makes it possible to use the matrix in gamma-ray spectroscopy detectors.

Keywords: MAPD; mikropixel avalanche photodiode; SiPM; photodetection efficiency.
PACS: 72.40.+w, 77.22.Ch



National Nuclear Research Center, Baku, Azerbaijan
Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Institute of Radiation Problems, Baku Azerbaijan
E-mail: ramilakbarow@gmail.com

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