2020   01   en   p.30-33 A.E. Nabiyev,
Dielectric properties of Ba0,8Sr0,2TiO3 in heating and cooling processes


The temperature dependences during heating and cooling processes of the dielectric properties of the metal- dielectric-semiconductor (MDS) structure based on ferroelectric Ba0,8Sr0,2TiO3 films deposited on silicon substrates (n-type 3KEF and p-type 4KDB) by high-frequency sputtering in the crystallographic direction (100) are studied in the temperature range 300- 440 K. Several relaxation-type phase transitions associated with the ferroelectric property of these crystals are discovered.

Keywords: ferroelectric film, metal-dielectric- semiconductor, heating, cooling, dielectric constant, dielectric loss tangent.
PACS: 77.80.-e

Received: 13.03.2020


Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University 68, U. Hajibeyov str., Baku, Azerbaijan, 1000

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