2020   02   en   p.20-22 S.T. Azizov,
Dielectric relaxations of chlorbenzene-benzene and chlorbenzene-N-hexane solutions


The measurement results of dielectric constant ε' and absorption coefficient ε"obtained for concentrated solutions chlorbenzene-benzene, chlorbenzene-n-hexane at wave lengths λ = 12,80 and λ = 3,26 cm at temperature 20°С are given in the article. The static dielectric constant is obtained at frequency 1MHz. The obtained experimental values ε', ε" and ε0 of investigated systems in (ε', ε'') plane locate on the semi-circle the center of which is on ε' axis. In this case the high-frequency limit value of ε dielectric coefficient exceeds the corresponding n2 refraction index square. The macroscopic and molecular relaxation times are calculated on the base of experimental data.

Keywords: dielectric spectroscopy, dielectric constant, dielectric properties, chlorobenzene, n – butyl alcohol.
PACS: 61.20. – p; 77.22. – d; 77.22.Gm;

Received: 08.06.2020


Institute of Physics of ANAS, AZ 1143, H.Javid ave., 131, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: samir azizov@mail.ru

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