2020   02   en   p.27-31 I.R. Amiraslanov, P.A. Askerova, Z.S. Aliyev, Y.R. Aliyeva, A.B. Rahimli,
Refinement of the crystal structure of MnBi2Te4


Interest in magnetic topological insulators is growing every day. Among topological insulators, MnBi2Te4 is considered more promising. Due to its antiferromagnetic properties, it can be used in spintronic and quantum electronics. The authors of this work were the first to grow a single-phase ingot of MnBi2Te4, refined the crystal structure, and examined the mutual solubility in the cationic sites of Mn and Bi. It is shown that such solubility is optional and depends on technological procedures. In addition to the seven-layer package characteristic of MnBi2Te4, a new site was also found to be partially present.

Keywords: Topological insulator, phase transition, structure.
PACS: 548.4

Received: 21.09.2020


Institute of Physics, of Azerbaiyan NAS 131, H. Javid ave., Baku, AZ 1143
E-mail: iamiraslan@gmail.com

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