2020   02   en   p.35-39 A.I. Jabbarov,
Magnetic interaction of "excess" cations Cu+2 and Fe+2 in the 2D-plane in a single crystal Cu1.04Fe1.12Te1.84


This paper presents the results of measurements of the temperature dependence of the magnetic susceptibility and magnetization (in a magnetic field up to H=50kOe) of single crystals of the non-stoichiometric chalcopyrite type Cu1.04Fe1.12Te1.84 (~Cu1.13Fe1.22Te2) in the temperature range 2≤ T≤400K. The measurement results indicate the presence of “clusters” (Cu – Te –Fe =Te) of an antiferromagnetik nature of the interaction, as well as “excess” of Cu+2 and Fe+2 cations in the 2D plane behaving like nanoparticles. The effective magnetic moment of iron atoms Meff >1.3μB at H≤ 1000Oe and at 1.0 ≤ H≤50 kOe
Meff >2.0μB. In the isotherms of magnetization (hysteresis) M(H) at temperatures of 2, 4, 100 and 300K, residual magnetizations are observed, which are associated with frustration of magnetic interactions during the formation of a disordered magnetic structure of iron and copper. Antiferromagnetically located "clusters" at TN=65K transform into a paramagnetic state, which coincides with the spin-glass state at Tg =65K (Tg is the freezing temperature). These results are in good agreement with the Mossbauer spectra of CuFeTe2.

Keywords: magnetic susceptibility, frustration, spin-glass state, magnetization isotherm.
PACS: 75.30.-m, 76.80.+y, 76.60Jx, 75.50.-y

Received: 22.09.2020


Institute of Physics of NAS, 131, H. Javid ave. Baku, AZ 1143
E-mail: ayd.jabb @ list.ru

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