2020   04   en   p.15-18 G.I. Agayeva,
The thermal power and conductivity of superconducting Bi2Sr2Ca0,4Zn0,6Cu2Oу


The temperature dependence of the resistivity and thermoelectric power of bismuth Bi2Sr2Ca0,4Zn0,6Cu2Oу superconductor in the range 77-320K is carried out. The experimental results on thermoelectric power are analyzed within the framework of the Xin’s two-band model and the band gap of Bi-O layers is determined as Eg=0.059 eV.

Keywords: superconducting material, specific resistivity, thermal power.
PACS: 74.62.Bf; 74.25.F

Received: 17.11.2020


Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences H. Javid ave., 131, AZ-1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: agayevagunel@myrambler.ru

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