2021   01   en   p.16-20 I.K. Aliyeva,
Influence of polarization processes on polymer electric strength


The distributions of breakdown waiting time (measured as electric durability τ) of polymers in constant field on sign in two directions (polarity) are determined and τ of polymer samples treated by preliminary polarization is also measured. It is shown that preliminary polarization of the samples in constant electric field decreases their electric strength at influence of the field of the same polarity. This fact evidences about cumulative nature of preparation process to breakdown and increases the electric density for the field of the opposite polarity. This indicates the ability to regeneration of “elements of destruction” caused by field action.

Keywords: polymer films, kinetics of electric destruction, electric durability, polarization and cumulative processes.
PACS: 541.64.539.3:537

Received: 19.01.2021


Azerbaijan State Marine Academy, Az 1000, Z.Aliyeva str.,18, Baku, University
E-mail: iradealiyevakerim@gmail.com

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