2021   01   en   p.21-23 G.M. Agamirzoyeva, N.A. Aliyeva,
Structural phase transitions in Cu3Ni0.5Se2 crystals


The compound of magnetic semiconductor of Cu3Ni0.5Se2 composition is synthesized. The parameters of low-temperature phase are determined and the structural-phase transitions are investigated by high-temperature X-ray diffraction method. It is established that synthesized Cu3Ni0.5Se2 is two-phase one at room temperature and it consists of rhombohedral and cubic phases with parameters а=4,321Å, с=20,620Å and а=11,841Å correspondingly. It is determined that the rhombohedral phase disappears and cubic superlatice saves in temperature interval 293<Т<773 К at Т=462±3К in two-phase system. At temperature Т=665К the cubic superlatice transforms into cubic subcell with parameters а=5,94 Å,V=209.58 Å3, sp.gr. Fm3m‾, Z=4.

Keywords: crystalls, structure, phase transitions, modifications.
PACS: 64.60.-i

Received: 04.02.2021


Institute of Physics of ANAS, AZ 1143, H. Javid ave., 131, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: nergiz_25@mail.ru

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