2021   02   en   p.17-23 E.A. Issaeva,
The human perception and uncertainty in quantum physics


The uncertainty of world is being considered by human perception point of view. So the knowledge is shared on usual, unusual, transcendent and transcendental. It depends on what kind of world (macro or micro) and in which position the observer exsists (in or out system), i.e. system is open or closed. For the analysis of this problem the “Schrödinger cat” experiment has been considered.

Keywords: Entanglement, decoherence, open and close system, “Schrödinger cat” experiment, consciousness of observer.
PACS: 03.65.-w


Received: 16.04.2021


Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, 131, H. Javid ave., Baku, Az1143
E-mail: elmira@physics.ab.az, el_max63@yahoo.com

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