2021   03   en   p.03-06 V.M. Salmanov1, B.G. Ibragimov2,3,
Effects of geometrical size on the interband light absorption a quantum dot superlattice


We study in this paper the direct interband transitions in a quantum dot superlattice system. We obtain the analytical expressions for the light interband absorption coefficient and threshold frequency of absorption as the functions of geometrical size of quantum dot superlattice system. According to the results obtained from the present work, we find that the absorption threshold frequency decreases when the size of quantum dot superlattice increases.

Keywords: Absorption coefficient, interband transition, quantum wells, quantum wires, quantum dots, superlattices, quantum dot superlattice.
PACS: 78.55; 73.22.CD,7322


Received: 24.06.2021


1. Baku State University, AZ 1073/1 Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Institute of Physics, Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences,
3. Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University
Corresponding author: E-mail: Behbud.ibrahimov.93@mail.ru

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