2021   04   en   p.26-29 S.R. Bagirova,
The effect of molecular weıght of polymers and some monohydric alcohols to phase diaqram of two-phase system dextran-polyvinylpyrrolidone-water


In this paper, we investigated the effects of some monohydric alcohols (methanol, ethanol, propanol) on the phase diagram of the aqueous two-phase system. PVP-dextran-water and the influence of the molecular weight PVP on the phase separation of the aqueous two-phase system of dextran-PVP was investigated. It was found that the phase diagram of binodals in the presence of methanol (CH3OH), ethanol (CH3CH2OH) and propanol (CH3CH2CH2OH) the binodals are mixed in the direction of increasing the heterogeneous region of the phase diagram. The results can be explained as follows: The phase forming components of the system, and PVP and the dextran, to some extent structure the water. With the presence of alcohols, their hydroxyl groups entering into a hydrogen bond with water molecules to some extent destroys the structure of water, which leads to an improvement in the compatibility of the phase-forming components.

Keywords: water-two-phase system, dextran, polyvinylpyrrolidone, monohydric alcohols, phase separation.
PACS: 61.20.Ne, 66.20.+d, 82.60.Lf, 61.25.Hq.


Received: 04.10.2021


Institute for Physical Problems, Bak State University, Z. Khalilov, 23, Baku, AZ1148, Azerbajcan
E-mail: sbagirova2019@gmail.com

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