2021   04   en   p.30-32 I.I. Abbasov,
Study of edge luminescence upon changing the wavelength of the exciting light with an interval close to the lo phonon energy in ZnSe


The specific features of the photoluminescence (PL) spectra at T=300 K in the 451-468 nm wavelength range of a special undoped polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapor deposition) ZnSe were studied when the excitation light wavelength was changed from 400 to 435 nm with an interval 5 nm close to the LO phonon energy in ZnSe. The proposed study makes it possible in the terms of polaritons to clarify more correctly the “anomalous edge” luminescence observed in this wavelength range as localized excitons for ZnSeO (Se) samples with a small excess of selenium and at extremely saturated oxygen.

Keywords: polycrystalline CVD ZnSe, band model, polaritons, stacking faults, isoelectronic oxygen impurity.
PACS: 535.37


Received: 14.10.2021


Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University, Azadliq ave. 34, Baku AZ1010, Azerbaijan
E-mail: ibrahimabbasov179@gmail.com

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