2022   01   en   p.23-25 S.S. Rzayeva,
Photon–photon scattering


In this paper, we will aim to calculate analytically the one-loop helicity scattering amplitude and differential cross section for the process γγ→ γγ. The computation of this process takes into account non-zero mass of loop-fermion. In certain kinematic limits, compact analytic expressions exist and can be quickly obtained. We present the covariant and helicity amplitudes for this process

Keywords: gauge Models, electroweak interaction, electric charge, photon.
PACS: 12.10. Dm; 12.10.- g; 12.15.-y; 14.80.-Bn; 11.15.-q

Received: 14.01.2022


Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, AZ1143, Baku, G. Javid av.131

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