2022   01   en   p.52-58 V.A. Tanriverdiyev,
Dynamics of three-walled mixed-spin (1/2, 1 and 3/2) ising nanotube


Mean-field approximation and Glauber-type stochastic dynamic approach has been employed to study of three-walled mixed-spin Ising nanotube with an inner hexagonal vacancy. The effects of different exchange couplings, single-ion anisotropies, and temperature on the dynamic behavior of mixed spin (1/2,1, 3/2) Ising system under a time dependent oscillating external magnetic field are attentively discussed. Some different fundamental phases and mixed phases have been observed in the system, which according to the certain values of Hamiltonian parameters. The results are illustrated numerically for a particular choice of parameters.

Keywords: Mixed spin (1/2,1, 3/2) Ising system, Mean-field approximation, Glauber-type stochastic dynamic, Dynamic phase transitions.
PACS: 75.70. Ak

Received: 15.02.2022


Institute of Physics of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan 131, H. Javid ave., Baku, АZ 1143
E-mail: vahid_tanriverdi @yahoo.com

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