2022   02   en   p.03-06 А.А. Аbdullayeva,
Effect of gamma irradiation on the crystal structure of Cd1-xFexTe thin films


In the present investigations effect of γ-irradiation on crystal structure and surface morphology of Cd1-xFexTe (x = 0.08) thin films were studied. The properties of thin films exposed to γ- rays of 50, 100 and 150 kGy doses were characterized by XRD, SEM, EDX methods. XRD analysis confirmed the change in orientation of crystal planes after γ- exposure. It was defined that the peak intensity of (111) plane increased with irradiation dose and crystallite sizes were increased.

Keywords: Thin film, semimagnetic semiconductor, SEM, XRD, EDX, γ-radiation.
PACS: 81.15.-z, 61.05.c-, 61.80.Ed

Received: 28.02.2022


Azerbaijan Technical University, Baku, Azerbaijan H. Javid avn. 25, Baku, Azerbaijan, AZ1073
E-mail: c.aybeniz@hotmail.com

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