2022   02   en   p.07-09 A.Ch. Mamedova1, N.K. Kerimova2, I.T. Mammadova1,
Crystallization kinetics of amorphous nanothickness CuGa5Se8


The processes of phase formation and phase transitions in CuGa5Se8 thin layers allowing the carrying out of the continuous object shooting at treatment different conditions are investigated by kinematic electronography method. It is shown, that amorphous films form at evaporation of synthesized compound and thermal spraying of binary compounds Cu2Se and Ga2Se3 in ratio 1:5. There have been established kinetic parameters of CuGa5Se8 compositions amorphous films crystallization. The crystal growth regularity, activation energy values of germ – formation and their further growth are obtained.

Keywords: crystallizations kinetics, amorphous film, nano-thickness.
PACS: 548.74; 539,234

Received: 02.03.2022


1. Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences, AZ-1143, H. Javid ave., 131, Baku, Azerbaijan
2. Azerbaijan State University of Economics, AZ – 1001, Istiglaliyyat Street, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: amamedova@inbox.ru

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