2022   02   en   p.24-30 Rena J. Kasumova1, Sh.Sh. Amirov1,2,3*,
Nonstationary sum frequency generation in inhomogeneous optical fiber


An effect of inhomogeneuity of refractive index in optical fiber on the sum frequency generation in analyzed in the constant intensity approximation(CIA). It was revealed effect of regular inhomogeneity of medium on the character of nonlinear process at various values of pump intensity as well as medium losses. The influence of inhomogeneity of medium on the duration of sum frequency pulse for the Gaussian shape of pump wave pulse is investigated. It was shown possibility of manipulation of duration of sum frequency output pulse in a medium with regular inhomogeneity. Comparisons of the obtained results with the results of constant field approximation(CFA), the accurate calculation as well as the case of homogenous nonlinear medium were carried out.

Keywords: regular inhomogeneuity of refractive index, optical fiber, pulse duration, constant intensity approximation, sum frequency generation.
PACS: 42.62-b, 42.65-Ky, 42.70 Hj, 42.81-I

Received: 06.04.2022


1. Physics department, Baku State University, 23 Z. Khalilov str., Az-1148, Baku, Azerbaijan e-mail: renajkasumova@gmail.com
2. Department of Medical and Biological Physics, Azerbaijan Medical University, A. Gasimzade str., 14, AZ 1022, Baku, Azerbaijan
3. Department of Physics and Electronics, Khazar University, 41 Mahsati str., Az 1096 Baku, Azerbaijan
Corresponding author e-mail: phys_med@mail.ru

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