2022   02   en   p.42-45 M.N. Bayramov, N.Sh. Aliyev,
Frequency dependence of electric conduction of polyethylene of high density/ α-Al2O3
nano-composites modified by gamma beams


The frequency dependence of electric conduction of initial and γ-irradiated HDPE (polyethylene of high density)/ α-Al2O3 nano-composites are investigated in the given work. It is shown that absorption doze of gamma-radiation significantly influences on composite sample electric conduction causing its increase in the direction of high frequencies and this increase connects with accumulation of stabilized charge carriers in irradiated materials. It is established that influence of irradiation dose 100kGy on nano-composite electric conduction is caused by not the change of molecular motion spectrum, but the accumulation of stabilized charge carriers in the samples and at least the radiolysis molecular products presenting the trapping centers. The relatively rapid increase of electric conduction real part at alternating current σас (ν) on frequency dependences of HDPE/α-Al2O3 nano-composite samples with volume content correspondingly 1,3% and 5% with heterogeneous structure is caused by electron polarization where charge transfer probably takes place with the help of hopping conduction. The values found for s index (from 0,081 up to 0,43) in irradiated nano-composite samples are also indicate on this fact.

Keywords: polyethylene of high density, nano-dimensional aluminum oxide, electric conduction, electric conduction real part, irradiation dose, polarization.
PACS: 61.80Ed;72.80.Tm;72.80.Le

Received: 26.04.2022


Institute of Radiational Problems of Azerbaijan NAS, Az 1143, B.Vakhabzade, 9, Baku,Azerbaijan
E-mail: nabi.aliyev.1958@ mail.ru

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