2022   03   en   p.03-05 A.A. Saddinova, R.I. Selim-zadeh, A.E. Babayeva,
The peculiaritıes of electrical conductivity in AgSbSe2 and (AgSbSe2)0,85(PbTe)0,15


Temperature dependence of electrical conductivity in AgSbSe2 and (AgSbSe2)0,85(PbTe)0,15 solid solution was investigated in the temperature range 80-350K. It is determined that the electrical conductivity of (AgSbSe2)0,85(PbTe)0,15 solid solution to have a hopping mechanism in the temperature range 127-233K. In both compositions, the activation energy of the charge carriers was calculated in different temperature ranges.

Keywords: hopping conductivity, activation energy, AgSbSe2
PACS: 72.20.-i


Received: 01.06.2022


Institute of Physics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences H. Javid ave.,131, AZ-1143, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: saddinova.aynur@mail.ru

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