2022   03   en   p.16-26 Hüseyin Okan Durmuş1,2, Mirhasan Yu Seyidov1,
Demonstrating the importance of emissivity measurement in determining the doses of light sources on tissue mimicking materials such as laser, IPL and LED


Nowadays, a wide variety of low-power light sources such as IPL, LED and laser are frequently used in therapy applications. In this study, irradiance values were calculated for different emissivity values by using the temperature measurement results made in the agar phantom using low-power light sources such as LED, IPL and laser. Based on the irradiance data, energy densities (J/cm2) as per the different emissivity coefficient and time durations are calculated and the results were evaluated in terms of dose quantities given in the literature. We also present in detail both acoustic and optical characterization of the agar phantom. In conclusion, we clearly show the importance of emissivity measurement in this study. Our findings explicitly suggest that emissivity measurement must be determined precisely to determine optical power density and/or energy density values and hence doses can be applied on the base of this values.

Keywords: Temperature Measurement, Emissivty, Irradiance, Energy Density, Dose, Low-Power Light Sources, Laser, IPL, LED.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.21203/rs.3.rs-1557976/v1

Received: 01.07.2022


1. Department of Physics, Gebze Technical University, 41400, Kocaeli, Turkey
2. Medical Metrology Laboratory, TUBITAK National Metrology Institute (TUBITAK UME), 41470, Kocaeli, Turkey
E-mail: hokandurmus@gtu.edu.tr, smirhasan@gtu.edu.tr

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