2022   03   en   p.48-52 A. Mammadli1, B. Ibrahimov3, Y. Bacherikov2, Z. Ahmadov1,
Investigation of parameters of silicon photomultipliers


The paper presents the results of studying the parameters of silicon photomultipliers of the MAPD-3NK, MAPD-3NM-I and MAPD-3NM-II types with deeply buried pixels. These photodetectors are manufactured in cooperation with the company ZECOTEK. Parameters such as current-voltage characteristics, gain, operating voltage and breakdown voltage were investigated. As a result of the experiments, it was determined that the gain of the MAPD -3NM-II photodiode is 4.5 times higher than that of the MAPD-3NK photodiode, and 2.3 times higher than the gain of the MAPD -3NM-I photodiode. The breakdown voltage of the MAPD -3NM-II photodiode was 52.4V, the breakdown voltage of the MAPD -3NK photodiode was 89 V, the breakdown voltage of the MAPD -3NM-I was 72V. At the same gain value (4.4 *104), the dark current photodiode MAPD -3NM-II was reduced 15 times compared with photodiode MAPD-3NK and 3 times compared with photodiode MAPD-3NM-I.

Keywords: Micropixel Avalanche Photodiode; MAPD; MAPD-3NK; MAPD-3NM-I; MAPD-3NM-II
PACS: 85.30.−z; 85.60.Dw

Received: 12.09.2022


1. Institute of Radiation Problems, Baku, Azerbaijan
2. V.Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics, Kyiv, Ukraine
3. Institute of Physics, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: arzu_memmedli_92@mail.ru

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