2022   04   en   p.03-06 I.I. Abbasov,
Study of impurities-defective luminescence in ZnSe:Cr and ZnSe:Fe in the red and near infrared range


In this work, the impurity-defect luminescence in the red and near-infrared ranges has been studied for ZnSe:Cr+ and ZnSe:Fe+ crystals. Shown, that the mechanism of radiative recombination, which forms emission lines in the spectral range of 0.7-1 μm, is associated with intracenter radiative transitions of the iron and chromium atom, included in the complex defect as Fe2+ and Cr2+.

Keywords: polycrystalline CVD (chemical vapor deposition) ZnSe, iron and chromium impurities, ZnSe:Cr and ZnSe:Fe crystals, high isostatic pressure(HIP).
PACS: 535.37


Received: 11.10.2022


Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University Azadlig ave., 34, Baku

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