2022   04   en   p.09-12 A.Kh. Karimova,
Fabrication of aluminum oxide templates and synthesis of Ni nanowires within pores


The aim of the paper is to describe the applications of AAO as a template in metal nanostructures formation and to present the experimental results obtained by us in this field. The basic mechanism of the processes of both anodic oxidation of aluminum as well as electrochemical metal (Ni) deposition in AAO were described. The influence of oxidation parameters on the AAO structure was discussed as well.

Keywords: anodic oxidation of aluminum (AAO), metal nanostructures, Nikel.
PACS: 81.15Cd, 61.05.fg


Received: 01.11.2022


Institute of Physics, National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan AZ -1143 , H. Javid, 131, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: ayselkerimova00@mail.ru

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