2022   04   en   p.46-49 Sh.Sh. Amirov,
On the theory of intracavity dispersion interferometer


Theory of intracavity dispersion interferometerity is presented in the constant intensity approximation taking into accoun tthe reverse reaction of excited harmonic on the phase of fundamental wave. It was shown that unlike the results of constant field approximation output intensity of second harminc is a function of both intensity of fundamental and harmonic waves as well as the shift in phases of interacting waves. It wasshown that , determination of the dispersion of refractive index is possible due to observed shifts of the locations of exprema in the intensity-phase dependence.

Keywords: dispersion of refractive index, dispersion interferometer, second harmonic generation.
PACS: 95.75 Kk; 42.65-k; 42.25 Hz; 42.62-b


Received: 28.11.2022


Faculty of Physics, Baku State University, 23 Z. Khalilov str., Az-1148, Baku, Azerbaijan
Department of Medical and Biological Physics, Azerbaijan Medical University, 167 S.Vurgun str., Az-1022, Baku, Azerbaijan
Department of Physics and Electronics, Khazar University, 41 Mahsati str., Az 1096, Baku, Azerbaijan
E-mail: physmed@mail.ru

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