2023   01   en   p.03-13 M.R. Alizada, A.I. Ahmadov,
Thermal photons production in proton-proton collisions at high energies. Part I. Differential cross-sections of processes, calculated without and taking into account formfactor of mesons


Thermal photons produced in following processes: π+π - → γρ0, π±ρ0 → γπ±, ρ0 → γπ+π-, π+π- → γη, π ±η → γπ±, π+π- → γγ are considered Feynman diagrams of processes and matrix elements has been wrote. Differential cross-sections of processes has been calculated without and taking account formfactor of mesons. The dependencies of differential cross-sections of processes of production thermal photons on energy of colliding mesons (√s ), transverse momentum (pT) and on cosine of scattering angle of photons has been determined and has been comparised.

Keywords: proton-proton collision, mesons, thermal photons, Feynman diagram, differential cross-section.
PACS: 13.75. Lb; 13.30.Eg; 13.20.Cz; 13.25.Cq


Received: 14.12.2022


Department of Theoretical Physics, Baku State University, 23, Z. Khalilov str., Baku, Az-1148, Azerbaijan
E-mail: mohsunalizade@gmail.com

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