2023   01   en   p.14-24 S.K. Abdullayev, M.Sh. Gojayev,
Production of a Higgs-boson pair in e-e+ -collisions (II)


Within the framework of the Standard Model and taking into account arbitrary polarizations of the electron-positron pair, the differential cross section of the process e+e- → ZHH is calculated taking into account all Feynman diagrams. The charac-teristic features in the behavior of the cross section and polarization characteristics (left-right spin asymmetry, transverse spin asymmetry) depending on the angles of departure and the energies of the particles are investigated and revealed.

Keywords: Standard model, electron-positron pair, Higgs boson pair, left-right spin asymmetry, transverse spin asymmetry.
PACS: 13.66.Fg, 14.70.Hp, 14.80.Bn.


Received: 29.12.2022


Baku State University, Azerbaijan, AZ 1148, Baku, st. Z. Khalilova, 23
E-mail: m_qocayev@mail.ru

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