2023   01   en   p.29-38 M.R. Alizada, A.I. Ahmadov,
Thermal photons production in proton-proton collisions at high energies. Part II. Determination of dominant process of production of thermal photons


Thermal photons produced in following processes: π+π - → γρ0, π±ρ0 → γπ±, ρ0 → γπ+π-, π+π- → γη, π ±η → γπ±, π+π- → γγ has been investigated. The dependencies of differential cross-sections of processes of production thermal photons on energy of colliding mesons (√s ), transverse momentum (pT) and on cosine of scattering angle of photons has been determined without and taking into account formfactor of meson and has been comparised. Dominant process has been determined. Energetic spectrums of thermal photons produced in these processes has been determined. A comparison of differential cross sections of thermal photon production processes and prompt photon production of processes of Compton scattering of quark-gluon and annihilation of a quark-antiquark pair has been carried out.

Keywords: proton-proton collision, mesons, thermal photons, Feynman diagram, differential cross-section.
PACS: 13.75.Lb; 13.30.Eg; 13.20.Cz; 13.25.Cq


Received: 16.01.2023


Department of Theoretical Physics, Baku State University, 23, Z. Khalilov str., Baku, Az-1148, Azerbaijan
E-mail: mohsunalizade@gmail.com

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