2023   01   en   p.39-43 E.R. Hasanov1,2, Sh.G. Khalilova2, G.M. Mammadova2,
Instability of thermomagnetic waves in conducting media


It is shown that when choosing the crystal symmetry, if the wave vector of the wave and the temperature gradient are oriented arbitrarily, waves of a thermomagnetic nature of the same frequency and growth rate are possibly excited.

Keywords: Gunn’s effect, thermomagnetic wave, conducting media, instability.
PACS: 78,55, 73.22.CD, 73.22


Received: 01.02.2023


1. Baku State Uviversity Acad. Z. Khalilov, str.23, Baku, Azerbaijan Republic
2. Institute of Physics, Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan Republic, AZ-1143, H. Javid 131, Baku
E-mail: shahlaganbarova@gmail.com

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