2023   01   en   p.65-75 A.M. Aliyeva,
Metods for synthesis of nanotubes and structure(review article)


Carbon nanotubes are discussed in this review structure and synthesis methods. Carbon nanotubes synthesis by variety methods and each of the mechanisms have precise features that can be specify properties of carbon nanotubes. Arc discharge, laser ablation and chemical vapor deposition are most common methods and mechano thermal, electrolysis and flame are others ways for synthesis carbon nanotubes.

Keywords: Carbon nanotubes, synthesis methods of carbon nanotubes, cvd, arc discharge, mechano thermal.
PACS: 73.63.Fg,73.22.- f,78.67.Ch,61.46.Fg


Received: 15.03.2023


Institute of Physics Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan, 131, H. Javid Ave., Baku, AZ 1143

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