2023   01   az   p.14-17 N. Kardashbayova, S. Hasanova-Abdullayeva,
Development of biophysics in modern times and its application in medicine. Electrocardiogram device.


In the article, it is shown that the movements and waves of the ECG are the result of the projection of the cardiac electron of the common electric dipole of the heart muscle. The graph of the electrical activity of the heart is established through the Eynthoven triangle. The importance of the ECG device for diagnostic information is observed.

Keywords: bipolar, wave, electrode, electrocardiography, galvanometer, electromagnetic, cell, depolarization, membrane.


Received: 09.12.2022


Nakhchivan State University, University Campus, Nakhchivan 7012
E-mail: saadat.javid.210322@gmail.com

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