2023   02   en   p.11-18 Hüseyin Okan Durmuş1,2, Baki Karaböce2, Emel Çetin Ari2 & Mirhasan Yu. Seyidov1,
Opto-acoustical characterization of phantoms


To guarantee the safe and correct operation of medical ultrasonic imaging instruments, the use of phantoms is essential during testing and evaluation. Phantoms mimic the acoustic properties of living tissue, allowing for performance tests and quality control of medical ultrasonic devices. Industry standards specify that tissue-mimicking materials used in quality control of ultrasonic devices should have specific acoustic properties. Acoustical and optical properties of two distinct tissue-mimicking materials, Zerdine and Agar, were studied and characterized in this research. Acoustical properties such as density, sound velocity, and acoustic attenuation coefficient were measured using the Pulse-Echo method and transmission technique. Optical properties were studied using a single integrating sphere system and the Kubelka-Munk function approach. The results of these studies may provide a foundation for future research on the opto-acoustical characterization of various phantoms.

Keywords: Medical Ultrasonics, Phantoms, Tissue-Mimicking Materials, Zerdine, Agar, Acoustical and Optical Properties.


Received: 29.03.2023


1. Department of Physics, Gebze Technical University, 41400, Kocaeli, Turkey
2. Medical Metrology Laboratory, TUBITAK National Metrology Institute (TUBITAK UME), 41470, Kocaeli, Turkey
E-mail: hokandurmus@gtu.edu.tr, smirhasan@gtu.edu.tr

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