2023   02   en   p.19-23 F.A. Rustamov, N.H. Darvishov, V.E. Bagiev, M.Z. Mamedov, E.Y. Bobrova, H.O. Askerova,
Change in the photoluminescence properties of stain etched porous silicon after posttreatment in various acid and alkaline etchants


The effect of posttreatment in aqueous solutions of HF, KOH, NaOH and Na2SeO3 on the photoluminescence spectra of stain etched porous silicon has been investigated. It is shown that this posttreatment of as-prepared samples leads to a shift of the photoluminescence maximum from ~1.85 eV to 2.1 eV. Subsequent atmospheric oxidation during 2÷3 min leads to the transformation of the spectra, and its maximum shifts back to 1.85 eV. The intensity of photoluminescence after posttreatment of porous silicon depends on the composition of the etchant. In the HF solution, the photoluminescence intensity hardly changes, while in alkaline solutions it decreases. This is due to the different etching rates of silicon and silicon oxide in different etchants. The role of oxygen bonds in the formation of local radiative recombination levels in the band-gap, responsible for photoluminescence transformations, is discussed.

Keywords: porous silicon; stain etching; posttreatment; diluted HF; alkaline solutions; yellow PL; oxygen bonds
PACS: 81.40.−z; 78.67. Rb; 78.55.−m


Received: 10.04.2023


Condensed Matter Physics Division, Institute for Physical Problems, Baku State University, Baku AZ 1148, Azerbaijan
E-mail: farhad.rustamov@bsu.edu.az

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