2023   03   en   p.03-05 S.Z. Damirova, V.I. Eminova,
Influence of doping by Zn (0.01 at% Zn) on conductivity of InGaSb equimolar composition


The investigations of Hall coefficient and thermo-e.m.f. in In0,5Ga0,5Sb doped by Zn (up to 0.01 at% Zn) in temperature interval Т=100-500 К are carried out. It is revealed that the highly mobile electrons make the significant contribution into Hall coefficient in equimolar composition at Т˃350 К. It is established that the contribution of highly mobile electrons is suppressed in In0,5Ga0,5Sb equimolar composition with increase of Zn content and the conductivity has the hole character. The effective mass of holes (m*=0.36m0) is evaluated by data of thermo-e.m.f.

Keywords: In0,5Ga0,5Sb, Hall coefficient, thermo-e.m.f.
PACS: 64.75.Nx; 72.20.Pa


Received: 16.05.2023


Institute of Physics of Ministry of Science and Education of Azerbaijan Republic, 131 H. Javid Ave., Baku, Az-1143, Azerbaijan
E-mail: suzanna_ismailova@mail.ru, vusaleeminova84@gmail.com

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